The most important part of any physical challenge is the preparation. No matter how great a swimmer you are, take a little time to plan how you’re going to complete the Aspire Channel Swim. These are our top tips on how to conquer the channel like a champion…


Look at your pool timetable to see what sessions fit with your personal schedule. Start off slowly - the challenge is not a race! Use the first sessions to pace yourself and build up your endurance over the 12 weeks of the challenge.


The most common swimming strokes are front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Whether you want to try out a new stroke or finesse your current technique, make sure you follow us on Facebook for tips.


To prevent injury, always take a few minutes to stretch before you get into the pool. Do the same when you get out too. When you are coming to the end of your session, make sure your last few lengths are at a much more relaxed, leisurely pace.


Before you swim make sure you are well hydrated, and take a bottle of water you can access between lengths. 

A light snack a short time before swimming will top up your energy levels, but if possible wait a couple of hours before swimming after a heavy meal. 

We’ve put together a blog on all the best foods to eat to keep your energy levels up throughout the Aspire Channel Swim.


Taking part in the Aspire Channel Swim will mean heading out on cold, dull autumn days. 

It may seem unappealing at first, but wearing warm layers to and from the pool, and wrapping your towel in a hot water bottle will mean that when you’re out of the pool you’ll be nice and toasty!


On those days when you’re struggling to get out of bed, or you can’t stand the thought of another length, having a swimming buddy will really help. 

You’re far less likely to skip a swimming session with someone encouraging you (or competing with you) to keep up the lengths. Get a friend or team involved. Share the distance or go it alone and hit that 22 mile mark! 

You can invite people to join a team directly from your Aspire Channel Swim profile page!


22 miles is an incredible distance, so don’t forget to reward yourself throughout the challenge. Whether it’s a slice of cake after a long session or a new Zoggs UK swimsuit once you’ve passed the halfway line, it will give you that extra boost to keep going. 

You’ll also receive some amazing rewards for your fundraising efforts as you hit those milestones. Click here to check out what’s up for grabs this year.

Don’t forget – you’re doing something truly amazing by taking part in the Aspire Channel Swim! Not only are you helping those affected by spinal cord injuries, you’re also doing something incredible for yourself!

If you have any questions on the challenge, please do not hesitate to get in touch – you can reach the team at – we’re here to help make the Aspire Channel Swim your best challenge yet!

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