Swimming 22 miles is an amazing achievement and something to be very proud of! 

You are a champion and one that everyone needs to know about. Share what you’re doing with friends and family and raise as much as you can – the more you raise, the more of a difference you’ll make. 

We’re here to support you every length of the way. If you need anything, email us at

Earn yourself a medal

Raise £25 or more in your Aspire Channel Swim and you’ll earn an Aspire Channel Swim 2024 medal and certificate, which will be posted out after the challenge has ended. Kick-start your challenge early and aim high!

Spread the word

Once you've signed up for the Aspire Channel Swim, your next step is to shout about it! 

You've committed to an unbelievable challenge. With your help we're going to change hundreds of lives this year... so let everyone know.

Show off your swim hat

Did you know that the earlier you start your fundraising the more you’ll raise? Start fundraising as soon as you can, and once you have £10 or more on your page, we’ll post you out a limited edition Aspire Channel Swim 2024 swim hat before the challenge starts!

Tell your boss what you're doing

Some companies operate a matched giving scheme that donates £1 for every £1 your raise, so be brave and ask your company to support you as you discover your inner champion.

Get social

Sharing your progress online is the best way to keep people up-to-date with how your Aspire Channel Swim challenge is going. Every time you get in the pool, update your lengths on your profile, then share it over Facebook and Twitter

If you're finding the challenge difficult or haven't been in the pool for a few days, share that too - you'll find your friends' support and sponsorship donations will help give you the motivation to get back in the pool.

Tell a friend

What's better than one person taking part in the Aspire Channel Swim? Two people taking part in the Aspire Channel Swim!  

Why not encourage your friends to dive in with you? Set yourselves a weekly target and keep encouraging each other to reach and exceed it!  

Wear your swim hat with pride in the pool too and let your fellow swimmers know about the amazing work you're doing. You can invite friends, family and colleagues to join you by using the share buttons on your profile.