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About Aspire

Every two hours someone is paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury, and there is currently no cure. From the moment someone sustains a spinal cord injury, Aspire is there to provide the practical support they need to live their lives independently.

Aspire's Independent Living Advisors all have spinal cord injuries, and provide advice and guidance to patients in Spinal Injury Centres, ensuring they have someone to talk to who has shared knowledge of what they're going through. Our Housing Programme has 57 accessible houses that people can live in until their home is adapted, or a suitable one is found, which Aspire's Housing Advice Service is there to support people with. For those in hospital, access to a computer, tablet and mobile are essential in keeping in touch with friends and family. Our Assistive Technology Programme ensures that everyone, regardless of their level of injury, can use a computer, tablet or phone. Disability is expensive, so Aspire's Welfare Benefits Advisors are there to support people in accessing the essential benefits they are entitled to, and Aspire's Money Matters Service provides a free support line to enable people to take back control of their finances.

All of this is possible thanks to your amazing fundraising. Please aim high and raise as much as you can!