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One of the best ways to publicise your Aspire Channel Swim and keep your fundraising coming in is to approach your local newspaper and radio station. We’ve come up with a guide you can download to give you some tips for approaching the media, so check it out and make sure to get in touch. If you do make it into the press, please make sure you send it to us. 

Contact Information

If you’d like some advice about approaching your local media, or if you’d like to send us any press articles, get in touch! Call us on 0800 037 0880 or email us at

How to approach the media

Become a Local Media Star! Now you have signed up for the Aspire Channel Swim, you will be pacing up and down your pool and have lots of people sponsoring you. So, why not let everyone know about this amazing challenge you are taking part in and promote the Aspire Channel Swim as well.

Who should I contact?

  • Your local newspapers – call and ask for a reporter or the editor
  • Your local radio station – call them and send them your press release and tell them all about the challenge
  • Your local pool where you are doing the swim – they may want to help

What should I say?

  • Give them a call and send them an email
  • Tell them who you are, where you live
  • Tell them about the challenge (22 miles over 12 weeks)
  • Tell them why you are swimming for Aspire

What other information may they ask?

  • How did you hear about the swim?
  • What pool are you swimming at?
  • Do you personally know anyone with Spinal Cord Injury?
  • When does the swim start and finish?
  • How old are you?

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