Swimming 22 miles of 12 weeks is no mean feat, and it’s important that you dive in feeling prepared, and also stay at your best throughout the challenge! We’ve put together a list of essentials you’ll need to have the best challenge experience yet…

1. A swimming costume/trunks

Our challenge partner, Zoggs, has an amazing selection of swimming trunks and costumes to choose from to help you channel (excuse the pun!) your inner champion. Our top picks are the Cottesloe Powerback Swimming Costume and the Energy Mid Jammer, also this swimsuit for women, Bloomsbury Scoopback Swimsuit.

2. A swimming cap

Don’t forget to bring your exclusive Aspire Channel Swim cap that you'll receive in your welcome pack to all of your swim sessions to keep your hair in tip-top condition throughout the challenge.

3. Post on your social channels to let everyone know you're doing something amazing for charity

As you log lengths and raise funds, you’ll unlock heaps of badges on your profile, so be sure to share your progress on your social channels to inspire others to support you and those affected by spinal cord injuries.

4. Goggles

Get yourself a comfortable pair of goggles to wear whilst you’re in the pool to protect your eyes as you complete your lengths. Don’t forget, if you raise £150, you’ll receive a pair of Zoggs Swim Goggles!

5. A motivational alarm tone to wake you up for those early morning swim sessions!

As winter draws closer, so will those dark mornings, so make sure you set an energising song or piece of music as your alarm to get you ready to make a splash!

Let us know which song gets you up in the morning!

6. A nose peg

A nose clip is a great bit of kit to have for your Aspire Channel Swim as it helps you with breath control and maintaining buoyancy – helping you to master those lengths like a champion!

Zoggs have a great range to choose from here.

7. A cupboard full of snacks

It’s really important to keep your energy levels up throughout the challenge, and it’s essential to re-fuel post swim with some healthy and nutritious snacks to nourish your body after clocking up those lengths.

For some ideas on quick and delicious post-swim snacks, click here.

8. A sponsorship form to help with your fundraising

Keep up your fundraising throughout your challenge – as well as sharing your JustGiving page on your social channels, don’t forget to keep a paper sponsorship form on you for those extra donations from friends, family and colleagues.

9. A positive mental attitude

Swimming 22 miles over 12 weeks is an amazing challenge to be a part of with heaps of benefits for your mind, body and soul.

Don’t forget to stay focused on your challenge and remember how your participation will really help to change the lives of those affected by Spinal Cord Injury!

10. A bunch of supportive family and friends!

Your friends, family and colleagues will undoubtedly be cheering you along on your quest to discover your inner champion, so be sure to keep them updated with how your challenge is going, get them involved in your fundraising activities and why not ask them to dive in and take part in the challenge with you!

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