Why going swimming is better with the post-lockdown rules

Although many pools remain closed, many have re-opened. However, swimming pools having to operate differently than before is making some swimmers hesitant to get back in the pool.

We say, don’t let that stop you! We’ve discovered many reasons why going swimming is even better with the current guidelines in place.

  • By turning up swim ready with your cossie on under your clothes, you don’t have to find a free cubicle or search for a spare bit of bench. Just strip your clothes off, bung your belongings down on the poolside and you’re in the pool quicker than ever.
  • At many pools you can’t use the lockers, which means there’s no need to remember that pound coin or wrangle with the dodgy electronics.
  • With restrictions on the number of people allowed in a lane, you will never get that awful heart sinking feeling when you turn up at the pool only to find the lane is way too chocker for you to be able to swim at your own speed.
  • Having to book in advance means you may be able to get a lane to yourself. Keep an eye out for those quieter times and grab yourself a slot last minute when you can see no one else has booked.
  • Swimming lanes are wider than usual, so you are less likely to get hit in the face by those swimmers who think front crawl arms are supposed to go out rather than up.
  • Swimming butterfly is not allowed. Although it’s not that common a stroke, it’s extremely annoying when someone gets in your lane and starts splashing everyone up to two metres around them as they thrash up and down the pool!
  • Swimmers are no longer allowed to stand chatting at the end of the lanes so there should be no one getting in your way when you want to turn around and carry on getting those lengths in.
  • Although showers at pools may be open, we are encouraged to shower at home which is so much easier. We’ve all got out of the pool only to find we’ve forgotten something - shampoo, shower gel, hairbrush or even a towel. At home you know exactly what you have and where everything is.
  • Showering at home also means no more fighting over the hairdryers or having to make polite conversation with strangers when you’re semi-naked!
  • And, finally, you will never have seen the changing rooms and swimming pool area so clean!

Have you been back to the pool? Let us know what other positives you’ve found.

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