While I can't swim, I'll enjoy walking the Channel

Before the first lockdown going for a walk every weekend was always something I meant to do. I even had a reminder in my phone telling myself to go for a walk every Saturday morning but I would either ignore it, not notice it or just tell myself I didn’t have time before going out to do whatever I was doing that day.

During the first lockdown I only tended to go out every three days, partly because it suddenly felt like a scary world out there but also because I’m lucky enough to have a garden and, having been furloughed since April, I would get my daily dose of fresh air and sunshine by sunbathing in the garden every afternoon.

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This second lockdown feels very different, mainly because without being able to sit in the sunshine all day, for the first time I find myself having to find other ways to fill my days. And, of course, I don’t have a swim to look forward to which is always a nice way to break up the day.

Before the second lockdown started I had already resolved to start walking most days so as soon as Aspire launched their Walk the Channel challenge I signed up because I knew it would make me walk even on those days I wasn’t really feeling like it. It gives me motivation to leave the house and there’s a certain satisfaction in being able to come home and tick more miles off the poster and feel as though there was a purpose to my walk.

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I have found that walking gives me the same escape, both mentally and physically, from everyday life that I relish from a swim. The only downside with walking is that you don’t get away from your phone - yes, I know I could put it on silent or not look at it, but we just don’t do that do we?! On the plus side I can listen to music whilst I walk, which I don’t when I swim.

I am lucky enough to live in the suburbs of London so there are lots of parks and open spaces I can get to easily, although I’m a bit envious of those who live by the coast. I have been discovering local parks, wooded areas and abandoned roads, some of which I didn’t even know existed before.

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So, although I’m not yet ready to buy walking boots and a cagoule, I will spend November walking the Channel. I’m not sure how I will feel about walking when it gets really cold, rains or even snows, but fingers crossed the pools will be open again by then.

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