Swimming is a liberating experience for Katie

I found out about the Aspire Channel Swim when it popped up on my Facebook timeline. I’m a keen swimmer and thought this sounded like the sort of challenge for me! I’ve recently had a baby and felt like this would be something to focus on other than nappies and feeds! I also watched a documentary called Kim Swims about a marvellous lady who challenged herself to do all these fabulous open water swims - if Kim can do those swims, I can do a swim in my pool!

Prior to lockdown I was swimming three times a week, even when pregnant! My usual job is as a post lady in my local area and I found swimming a great way to start the day before my round.

Swimming for me is a liberating experience and I’m always trying to beat my personal best on my Apple Watch. It’s great for my mental health and keeps me in shape too.

When the pools were shut it was a struggle not being able to go, so any chance we got we went to the sea and I was straight in the water! When I donned my costume and goggles again the only word I can use is amazing… it felt like I had my freedom back.

I’m a member at Nuffield health in Farnham, where the new rules are easy to follow, such as booking lanes in advance and following the government guidelines. I wasn’t nervous, just raring to go! There is a maximum of three swimmers per lane, which is lovely as there’s no overcrowding.

My fundraising has already done better than I would have imagined. I’ve badgered every person I know, all my mummy friends etc! I’ve never fundraised before but think the JustGiving page makes it really simple to donate. I’ve popped it on a local Facebook page, got a sponsorship form at work and at my dad’s butchers shop.

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I don’t know anyone who has been affected by spinal cord injury, but it seems such a worthy cause. Just to know I’m helping a little is making me enjoy the challenge all the more. I’ve started earlier than October as my baby is currently a good girl for her daddy/grandparents in the mornings, allowing me to get in the pool early on! She is six months old now. I’ve taken her swimming a few times in the last couple of weeks, loves the water just like mummy!

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