This blog is useful if you have completed the personal details stage of the Aspire Channel Swim 2017 registration and are now on the ‘Set up your Just Giving’ page. You must complete this step to finish your registration! If you need help with the sign up process in general, our blog on HOW TO SIGN UP will be able to help you. 

1) This is the page you will see when you have completed your personal details. It will include the email address you registered for the Aspire Channel Swim with. If you do not already have a JustGiving account (i.e you have never used Just Giving, for Aspire or not, under the email address shown) then you will be able to choose a password and create a JustGiving page straight away. If you successfully enter a password please skip to step 6. 

2) If you see this error page it means you already have a JustGiving account. This does not mean you have an Aspire Channel Swim 2017 page; it just means you have already registered with JustGiving at some other point. If you can remember your old JustGiving password, enter it. This will create you an Aspire Channel Swim 2017 fundraising page and you can skip to step 6. 

3) If you cannot remember your password you will need to go to the JustGiving website to change it. Click the ‘reset it on the JustGiving site’ link.  You will be taken to the following JustGiving page (if you are taken to your profile page please skip to step 5)

4) Click on forgotten your password. This will send a reset password link to your email. Once you have reset your password, return to your Aspire Channel Swim registration page and enter your new JustGiving password. Please skip to step 6.  

5) If you see this page this means you are already logged into your JustGiving account on your computer. To change your password you will need to hover over your name in the top right corner, and click ‘Your Details’. On the following page, under the ‘About You’ tab, click ‘Change Your Password’. Once you have changed your password go back to Aspire Channel Swim registration page and enter your new JustGiving password.

6) Once you have entered your new JustGiving password on the Aspire Channel Swim registration form you will be taken to this page. Check your page details, and then click ‘Set up JustGiving page’. This will create your Aspire Channel Swim 2017 JustGiving page, and you’ll be successfully registered!

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