As an NHS consultant Kay looks after patients with spinal cord injuries

My daughter Abigail is a competitive swimmer and she took on the Aspire Channel Swim in 2014 and raised over £1,000. I was inspired by her efforts as she has a spine condition. I’m an NHS consultant and I regularly look after patients with spinal cord injuries, so I have some appreciation of their struggle and wanted to help.

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I swim 4 to 5 times a week. I particularly love outdoor swimming in the summer. I like swimming because when I get stressed - without realising it - I tend to hold my breath.

Swimming helps me to regulate my breathing (as you have no choice!) and declutter my head. It’s a form of meditation I suppose. Swimming also helps me to keep fit and sleep better.

During lockdown I really missed swimming. I had to substitute swimming with land training, running and more recently rowing. I started swimming in a quarry in the beginning of July and it felt amazing! I even got my children to join me (14 and 10 years old). They don’t particularly like the cold, but I really like how I feel afterwards. I believe cold water swimming is good for the physical and mental health.

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I have found fundraising to be an interesting experience, especially with the use of social media to attract attention, but I want to do my part to facilitate and enable people with spinal cord injuries to live a fulfilled life.

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