Jodie is swimming because she knows how costly being disabled can be

I found out about the Aspire Channel Swim when I was flicking through my Slimming World magazine and saw the ad and thought the woman in the picture looked a bit like me. I decided to take on the challenge because the charity is close to my heart and I needed a challenge to try and kick start my exercise regime again.

Nearly five years ago my husband had a fatal accident at work after he fell from height. Less than six months later my friend’s husband also fell from height. He has survived but with life altering spinal injuries. I know how much they have had to adjust and just how costly it has been. Had my husband survived we may well have been in very similar circumstances and therefore I’m happy to do anything I can do to help the charity.

Jodie 1

I can swim and I enjoy it, but I don’t swim regularly. Before this challenge it was 3 or 4 years since I’ve been in a pool. Swimming allows me to switch off my phone and have 100% me time. I can go at my own pace and go through things that are playing on my mind logically and in solitude. I also have a knee injury which swimming doesn’t aggravate. My ultimate goal is weight loss, but I also find it helps my mental health enormously.

I love fundraising, I find it so rewarding knowing that the money I’m raising will go towards helping families at such a difficult time.

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Because people very quickly get sick of me ‘robustly reminding them’ to sponsor me, they just do it! I’m not on social media so it does make it a little trickier, but I’ve been using email, WhatsApp, text and good old fashioned face to face to spread the word and more importantly the donation link. I’m very lucky to have a large friendship group and lots of generous colleagues and family members. Pay day, or a Friday, is always good to send a little nudge when you think people will be in a good mood, or I mention it in person and then follow up with an email/text. I also find that if I let people know I’m very close to another milestone they dig deep. I like to post weekly updates on my JustGiving page too. I’m not sure if it helps me get extra sponsors but it ensures the people that have sponsored me so far know my progress and how hard I’m working for their donation by swimming at 6.30am every morning!

What a brilliant idea for a challenge which allows people to take part at their own pace, increase their fitness levels and raise money for a fabulous cause.
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