Jane is swimming for rehabilitation following spinal surgery

I decided to take on the Aspire Channel Swim as I had recently taken up swimming again as part of my rehabilitation from my second spinal surgery, which involved the removal of part of a disc that was compressing my sciatic nerve. 

Whilst I was off work it was relatively easy to find the time to swim and it didn't matter how much rest I needed afterwards.  However, I knew that once the new term started it would be much harder and that being involved in the challenge would provide the motivation I needed to keep swimming, no matter how busy I became.  Raising money for a worthwhile charity at the same time was a win-win situation.

I have been a swimmer since I was a child but, other than during my annual summer holidays, I hadn't been swimming regularly for years. 

I find that it helps to relieve stress from work and I love the fact that in the water I have no pain and feel free

During the Swim my stamina has increased significantly; whereas at the start of the challenge I could just about manage 1km, I can now swim over a mile in one visit.  My speed has increased but I am still quite slow, which I plan to work on after the challenge.

Although I don’t personally know anyone with a spinal cord injury my own experience of having a prolapsed disc was motivating as I was thankful that spinal surgery was able to restore my ability to walk normally.

The Swim is a great way to remain motivated to exercise as part of an active healthy lifestyle whilst raising money for a worthwhile cause in the process

I count myself blessed that I can walk, drive and swim normally following my surgery.  I have experience, in just a small way, of how hard life was not having my independence, when I was unable to walk or drive for those months awaiting surgery and in pain.  I therefore have at least a little understanding of the challenges faced by those with spinal cord damage and am therefore honoured to help raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

Jane's JustGiving page 

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