Emma is taking on her 2nd Aspire Channel Swim

I decided to sign up for my second Aspire Channel Swim because I really enjoyed taking part in the challenge last year and it got me into a good routine of swimming. I also managed to do well fundraising which made me feel good about being able to help other people.

I enjoy swimming because it fits in easier with my life than classes. I also find it quite therapeutic after a long and busy day teaching.

I really missed not being able to swim during lockdown when pools were closed - I even used to dream about swimming in the pool that I go to!!! When I finally got back in the water it felt amazing.

I swim at Virgin Active Collingtree Park and they’ve had to change the way that you swim, with wider lanes and a maximum number of 17 in the pool at any one time, but I wasn’t nervous before getting back in the pool because I have been working in a school the whole time since COVID began.

For fundraising, I find Facebook works really well. You just have to keep re-posting how you are doing along with the JustGiving link. I have also emailed some of my friends/contact list and I am planning on having a chocolate brownie sale again at work. For anyone taking on the Aspire Channel Swim for the first time this year I say just go for it!

It is such an enjoyable worthwhile experience, as well as getting you into a good exercise routine, and it is a great feeling knowing that you can make a difference to someone’s life.

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