Emily swims with her daughter and features in the ads

I did the Aspire Channel Swim in 2016. As a not-very-regular swimmer it was sometimes a real challenge to motivate myself, especially as the mornings get darker! I enjoyed getting fitter as the weeks went by, as well as raising money for a great cause. I was delighted to raise over £500, mainly through sharing my JustGiving page on social media, and my colleagues were a great support and very generous.

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The Aspire Channel Swim is a great challenge to take part in, raising money for a very important charity. It is an enormous achievement to swim the length of the channel, all participants should be very proud of themselves!

I swim on a weekly basis with my daughter Nancy, who is 9 months old. We love the Aspire Leisure Centre as it’s so welcoming and everyone is friendly. It’s great for babies, with ample changing facilities for all needs, we can get in the pool safely via the ramp and the water is nice and warm. We tried another pool and Nancy cried because the water was cold - she has never cried when at Aspire!

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Nancy loves swimming and has been going since she was 3½ months old; she enjoys splashing about and watching everyone else in the pool! I enjoy swimming as a means of keeping fit and it’s fun to watch Nancy get more active as the months go by.

I agreed to be in the photoshoot as I think the Aspire Channel Swim is a great thing to do; it helps to raise money for a very important cause and if I can help with encouraging more participants then why not! It was lovely to meet other swimmers and to capture Nancy and myself taking part in an activity we really enjoy together. It was a fun shoot and the photographer helped us all to relax. Nancy enjoyed being the centre of attention and splashing about for hours!

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I think it’s great to get children comfortable with the water early on and it’s a fun sensory experience. Nancy is a real water baby now and there are so many benefits to baby’s swimming, including improving coordination, bonding time without distraction, muscle building and it strengthens heart and lungs.

Perhaps in the future we will take on the Aspire Channel Swim together as a team.. watch this space!

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