Debe completed the challenge in 13 days raising over £2,000!

Debe signed up on 30th November and raised £415 in two days before she even did her first swim!

I found out about the challenge by accident after hearing about it from a fellow swimmer at the pool. They had already started the challenge in October, but the second lockdown happened and so I decided I would sign up when restrictions were lifted.

Debe Coe

Getting back in the water after the first lockdown felt a little bit like Christmas for me. I couldn't wait to get back into the pool and made the most of each session.

I love swimming and, when the pool is open, swim daily. I have always loved swimming.. I just love water. I find it relaxing as well as giving you a great workout. I am a real water baby. I use swimming for health, both physical and mental, and it's a great way to help keep the pounds off! I always try to push myself as much as possible when swimming, whether that be increasing distance, speed or bettering my technique.

I was going stir crazy during lockdown not being able to swim. I tried to keep active in other ways, but didn't find them as enjoyable.

I decided to take on the challenge as a way to use the sport I love as a means to raise money for a worthy charity and to highlight the work of Aspire to colleagues.

After this second lockdown, I can't wait to get back in the pool - my alarm is set! However, I am quite sensible when it comes to returning to swimming. Perhaps initially doing fewer lengths than I would normally do so as not to cause injury or burn out, and then increasing the distance again gradually.

I enjoy fundraising. I think it's always a good thing to put the needs of others above yourself; and of course, it highlights how lucky some of us are and helps us to appreciate fully the work that charities do. I do charity fundraising quite a bit; when I find a worthwhile cause I go for it. I am using social media, email and word of mouth to ask people to sponsor me. I am going to be providing people with updates during the challenge which will hopefully prompt further donations as they see those miles clock up.

I think raising money for any charity is extremely emotional, I will be extremely moved to have made even the smallest difference to someone's life. That's what makes us human. I know two people who have spinal difficulties. They will be in my mind with every swimming stroke I take.

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