After swimming and walking to France, Celia is now cycling!

I started my Aspire Channel Swim on 5th October and it was going really well. I was doing 100 lengths in an hour swim and averaging 300 to 400 lengths a week. I had done 1,732 lengths - 26.97 miles - just as the lockdown hit so I was chuffed to bits to have swum the Channel in just 4 weeks!! However, my personal challenge was to swim the Channel and back again this year so pretty gutted that this break has happened, as are hundreds of other swimmers. I was loving doing the Swim. I love my swim anyway but this just somehow added an extra bit of oooomph to do a few more lengths as I knew it was raising money to help others.

When lockdown hit and Aspire launched their Walk the Channel challenge, I thought what a lovely idea to keep us all motivated and I knew it would give me something to focus on so I don’t get cranky while the pool is closed.

During the first lockdown I got very down without being able to swim. I really struggled to find a positive in anything and couldn’t be bothered with anything, so I was determined not to let that happen again so, when I saw the walk, I didn’t hesitate. I thought it would give me something else to focus on, with a target to reach, which I am so grateful for Aspire for throwing out there.

I live in central Cambridge and I like to do a circular walk which will usually include a park or going down by the river. It’s nice to be outside and get exercise (although not a patch on swimming!). I am keeping my walking miles separate to my swimming miles as I am a bit protective of my swim plus the walk gives me a totally new target.

I am desperately, gut wrenchingly, heart achingly, tear jerkingly missing swimming!!!

I am quite literally like a fish out of water so I am battling with myself every day and trying not to be grumpy but honestly, I can’t help it (and I’m probably not very nice to live with). I can’t wait to get back in the pool, my bag is ready to go… but I will carry on walking as I like to get out for a walk at the weekend. As much as I like the smell of chlorine, I do enjoy fresh air as well!

So far, I have raised £480. It’s hard as I do think people are more worried about money at the moment.

Celia Fb

I’d like to thank Aspire for this challenge and for thinking of the walk when a lot of us had our own lifeline taken from us again. I have now completed my walk and after posting it on Facebook a friend said “I know, why don’t you cycle it next?2. So... challenge accepted. I walked 44 miles in two weeks and I’m now in the process of cycling it!! Then all I’ll need to do is swim the 22 miles back from Calais!!

Physical and mental wellbeing are under strain anyway at the moment and without our swim it’s just awful, but you have given us hope and something else to think about so I applaud you for that...... and I can’t wait for the pool to open. I’ll be back there in a flash ... or even better a splash!!

Sponsor Celia

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