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I decided to take on the Aspire Channel Swim because I have belonged to the Aspire Leisure Centre for ages and when the Centre re-opened after the lockdown I went back to the gym and to Pilates. Then I started swimming again and when I realised how many lengths I was doing I thought that I probably could manage the Aspire Channel Swim. I have the time at the moment because although I am working, I am working from home and so I have two hours extra in my day as I don't have to commute into Central London. My family are very surprised I am doing this as I am not known for my athletic prowess but they are also very proud of me for doing it.

I don’t usually swim regularly. I’m more of a fair-weather swimmer and like to alternate between hotel pools and deckchairs in hot countries. However, I have become more hardcore now! I bought a surf poncho so I arrive and leave in it and have a shower when I get home. I'm not sure what it’s going to be like when it gets really cold though - I might have to re-think! My husband and daughter joked that I looked like a pink Tellytubby wearing my poncho!!!

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I don’t love swimming but it's good exercise and I think a lot when I swim. I swim backstroke so my main aim is not crashing into people! It felt nice to be back in a pool again after lockdown. I like the stricter rules with lane swimming - because the numbers are restricted it is easier to get on and do the lengths.

For my fundraising, I have told my friends and family that I am doing the challenge and I do Facebook updates every week about my progress to encourage people to sponsor me. I have supported Aspire for a long time as a member and I like the fact that the Aspire Leisure Centre is run by a charity and the profits go back into the charity.

Good luck to all the other swimmers doing this! Keep going....

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