7 ways that walking is better than swimming

Yes, we all love swimming but right now so many of us are unable to swim. So if you've started walking for our lockdown Walk the Channel challenge or you would like some reasons to sign up, we have seven for you!

1. You can do it anytime, anywhere. There’s no need to book ahead or remember to pack your swim bag or battle the school traffic to get to the pool. Just put your trainers on and go!

2. You don’t need as many accessories so you won’t have the fear of forgetting your goggles, swim hat, towel or underwear...

3. Fresh air. Take deep breaths and breathe in that fresh air. Better than swallowing chlorinated water by mistake!

4. Take in the views. Wherever you walk, whether in nature or around a town, make sure to take it all in and enjoy the scenery or people watching. Swimming up and down a lane you don’t get to see much apart from the bottom of the pool or the bottom of the person in front of you!

5. No bumping into others. It’s much easier to avoid bumping into others in the park than it is in a swimming lane.

6. Listen to your favourite tunes. Yes, we know you can do this in the pool but it means yet another item you have to remember to take with you. So grab your trainers, plug your headphones or AirPods in and stroll to whatever beat takes your fancy.

7. Time with others. Remember you don’t have to walk alone. Get a friend to join you and have a good old (socially distanced) natter as you walk without getting in other people’s way as you would standing chatting at the end of the pool.

If any of these reasons appeal to you, sign up now and start walking (but don't worry, we all still love swimming!)

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