1.       Toning up/full body workout

Not only is it a brilliant way to lose weight, it’s also a great way of getting a full body work out. Swimming is a great way of toning your body as you work all of your muscles. It’s a great mixture of both cardio and strength, plus it really improves your endurance!

2.       Improved flexibility

The range of motion that is involved when swimming allows you to work most of the muscles in the body. This means that muscles get lengthened which allows your joints to become more flexible.

3.       Better mental health and stress relief

Swimming is a great way to have a bit of ‘me time’ and take some time for yourself. It allows you to get away from the stress of life and focus on something completely different. We’ve seen it with our very own case study, Joanna, who used swimming as way of overcoming her anxiety and panic attacks.

4.       Boosts your mood

As with most forms of exercise, swimming helps with the production of endorphins and the release of serotonin. Both endorphins and serotonin are known to help boost your mood. Swimming has been found to help people relax because of the sound of the water and the rhythmic strokes. So next time you’re feeling a little stressed, jump into your nearest pool for a little swim!

5.       You’re unlikely to injure yourself

There is a very small chance of being injured in the pool as swimming doesn’t put stress on the skeletal system. It’s also great if you are recovering from an injury, as it’s one of the only forms of non-weight-bearing exercise.

6.       Sweat free

If you don’t like the idea of getting sweaty when you work out then swimming could be for you. When you swim you won’t feel sweaty or overheated as the water is constantly cooling you down.

7.       Almost anyone can do it

From 3+ months to over 65's, disabled and non-disabled people of any age can take up swimming with the reassurance of knowing that it has great health benefits.  You can set your own pace and intensity which makes it easy for anyone to pick up.

8.      Lowers the risk of illnesses

Swimming has been found to lower blood pressure, reduce joint pain, improve lung capacity, improve heart health and increase bone strength. These all help with lowering the risk of disease.

9.       It can boost life expectancy

Not exercising is one of the biggest factors in causing ill health and early death. According to the Swimming and Health commission, swimmers have a 28% lower risk of early death and 41% lower risk of death caused by heart disease and stroke.

10.       Burns more calories than other forms of exercise

Doing just 30 minutes of breaststroke can burn up to 367 calories. When you compare this to running (300 kcal per 30 mins) and cycling (180kcal per 30mins), swimming is the best exercise to do if you want to burn those extra calories! So, there’s no need to feel guilty next time you eat a bar of chocolate, 30 minutes in the pool and you’ll forget you even ate it!

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